04 April 2016
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Alvin Tjitrowirjo has been invited to take part inthe XXI Triennale exhibtion “alamak!” presented for the first time in Milan. AlvinT will introduce new designs specially created for: Design in Asia “The contemporary aesthetics of Asian design”.

From the 2nd April and until the 12th of September 2016, the exhibition curated by Yoichi Nakamuta and Tim Power featuring designers and artists selected from 10 Asian countries will be held at the Triennale di Milano housed in the prestigiousPalazzo dell’Arte.

Strongly linked to indonesian resources, customs, habits and heritage, alvinT pushes the boundaries of the indonesian aesthetics and offers elegant, original piece that can with stand time and trends.

Angan, one of the pieces showed during ‘Alamak’ introduces this tension between traditional and modern, between traditional archetype and a new design language. The suspended shelf is made out of natural rattan poles forms a cage-like silhouette bound to uncoated brass shelves fixed with leather. The whole shelf is suspended by using rope and a hook. Positioning objects within the shelf will distort the balance of the shelf, expressing the volatile and imperfect nature of the situation.

"Angan" in Indonesian means daydream. Currently, a state of mind many indonesian artists are in during the development of their culture.

Alvin explains, “I want to revolutionise Indonesia’s creative industry and place Indonesia in the world design map. I’m deeply inspired by the authentic traditional Indonesian culture but I always want to add a modern contemporary twist which gives to my designs a unique mixture of modern and traditional approach.’’

The second piece Lumping rocking horse is derived from a traditional Javanese dance which alvinT transformedia modern playful outdoor furniture drawing a light and dynamic silhouette. The graphical woven texture of the body made out of rattan injects a dose of local flair, providing a nice contrast to its solid black or white aluminium frame.

Exhibition detail:
XXI Triennale International Exhibition Milan 2016 - 21st Century. Design After Design,
2 April - 12 September 12
Open Tuesday – Sunday 10.30 AM – 8.30 PM

Press contact:
Hirondelle Communication // Veronique Cellier

+ 33 6 83 82 35 56

Viale Alemagna  6, 20121 Milano, Italia, T. +39 02 724341

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27 October 2015
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Indonesia, as this year's guest of honor presents a sleek and modern pavilion with the theme of 10,000 Islands of Imagination at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. 

The pavilion, that covers an area of 2500m2 Filled with hanging lantern and framing the main pavilion. During this ocassion Indonesia wants to represent the pavilion as an integrated concept in both its content as well as in its environment. 

There are seven island to explore from the installation, there are: Island of Words, Island of Scene, Island of Images, island of Spices, Island of Illumination, Island of Tales, Island of Inquiry. Each of these islands has its own charm and stories to tell.

Take a Glance

AlvinT products were chosen to compliment the environment with its Linger benches, Satool modular stools, Round table Benches and Brace lamps.  

Frankfurt book fair opens from 14-18 October 2015 

Indonesia pavilion is located in hall F.01 in Frankfurt Messe  


more info

Find out more information about these products :

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12 July 2015
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Weave me back home

"Weave me back home" an art instalation that pays homage to Indonesia's rich culture of weaving. Evoking the sense of coming home to the familiar, bridging traditional with modern, history with the future, patterns old and new, life and culture reborn. It reflects our passion, respect and love towards weaving. Designed by AlvinT in collaboration with Byo Living this art installation was displayed during Casa by Bravacasa Exhibition in Ballroom Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta 9-12 July 2015






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22 June 2015
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Original webpage source: https://www.cottonink.co.id/magazine/11#50

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07 June 2015
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AlvinT on Baccarat


Baccarat Magazine Indonesia published an article of five different entrepreneurs with five different backgrounds. 
Founder and creative director of alvinT, Alvin Tjitrowirjo shared his visions and struggles working as a designer in Indonesia. 
The lack of appreciation and the bombardment of cheap imported designer furniture counterfeits only made his and his young team more eager 
not just in continously shaping the design scene in Jakarta according their ideal vision, but also to consistently educate the marketing the values of original and authentic designs. Baccarat Indonesia May - June 2015 edition. 

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30 May 2015
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La Vue rooftop lounge, Hermitage Hotel







AlvinT furnished the La Vue roof top of the recently opened Hermitage Hotel in Menteng district, Central Jakarta. The rather intimate sized roof top gets life from our Lala sofa set which comes in our distinct white grey beige tri colour woven pattern complimented with yellow throw pillows.  AlvinT also developed the stools as well as the coffee tables to come with the set. 

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30 April 2015
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A set of our Khalla chairs found its new home recently, and its not just any home as this one belongs to the well known architect Thommas Elliot. Thommas ordered a special color red for the chairs and was beautifully placed in his dining room in Jakarta. 

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09 April 2015
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AlvinT on Dulux Let's Colour



AlvinT was invited to host Dulux's Tv show called "lets Colour". Alvin Tjitrowirjo, founder and creative director of AlvinT shared his visions and ideas of how he relentless effort in implementing local Indonesian Identity into his furniture line. The show was aired in national television in Metro TV. 


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30 March 2015
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AlvinT at Asian Star IFFS, Singapore

13-16 March 2015 the annual International Furniture Fair Singapore or known as IFFS opened their doors to furniture buyers, medias as well as to the public. AlvinT was invited to take part in Asian Star, a special section of the fair that featured rising designers from Asia Pacific.  
AlvinT displayed their home accessories which was the result of collaboration with Bamboo specialised brand Fasa. The display  included Brace pendant and floor lamp, a set of Puccha and Mada trays, Jangjanng clothe hook, and Loop stool.
The collection was inspired by bamboo’s beauty and flexibility driven by the desire to raise the value of bamboo product through fine human made craftsmanship and contemporary design.
FASA & AlvinT collection can be found at AlvinT Showroom, 
Jl. Suryo no. 11a, 2nd Floor Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. 
For more information please visit www.alvin-t.com or email us at info@alvin-t.com


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22 December 2014
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Jenggala introduces the Wangsa tea set :

A capsule collection in collaboration with AlvinT. The collaboration was something that developed organically, as both brands are highly inspired by Indonesian heritage and culture.

The design of the tea set takes the Wangsa, a geometric pattern that is synonymous with AlvinT's identity,and applies it to classic pieces from Jenggala's Bruka collection. Each Wangsa tea consists of one teapot, two cups and saucers, two cake plates, one sugar bowl, one creamer, and one rectangular tray.

A limited number of sets will also be available for purchase at Jenggala Jimbaran.

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21 December 2014
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Sushi Groove Market

Collaborated with the Indonesian well known conceptual food and beverage company, Ismaya. AlvinT Studio designed the Sushi Groove Market Located at Kota Kasablanka, South Jakarta. AlvinT Studio delivered a fresh contemporary reinterpretation of Japanese fish market ambiencealigns with Sushi Grove Market Concept. The idea is to bring Japanese fish market atmosphere amalgamated with visual graphics inspired by traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e. AlvinT Studio created bespoke interior and highlighted a great deal of details, which is apparent in its furniture, facade, tiles, and the wall decor. 

Emphasizing the details while preserving the Japanese ambience of the restaurant, AlvinT Studio took the Fish quite literally as the main feature of the space, exploring and translating it into the bar - kitchen, and a room divider for a dining area. With strong details and play of scale, it created a distinct experience towards the customers.

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18 September 2014
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FASA & AlvinT Collaboration 2014

alvinT launches our first collaboration collection with FASA with the desire to pursue the divergent beauties that bamboo has to offer. Developing and exploring the natural beauty of Bamboo as a material and transform them into refined modern everyday products with our own idiosyncratic style. Individually handmade, each products displays a unique beauty of texture, tone, and shape that is distinctively bamboo, an ideology that we both respect.



Bamboo is also closely ascociated to environmentally friendly material due to being one of the world’s fastest growing plants. Mostly used as building materials, bamboo has a higher compressive strength dan wood, brick or concrete. In some remote areas bamboo is also used as food source, and as a versatile raw product. 

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26 August 2014
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AlvinT New Showroom

AlvinT is happy to open our doors to the public with our new showroom. With over than 200m2 of space to display our new collection. We want to create a pleasant home-like environment where our customers can get inspired and take home ideas what would it be like living with our furniture.
We open from Monday - Friday 10.00-19.00 | Saturday 10.00 - 15.00

Jl. Suryo No. 11a Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

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