04 April 2016
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Alvin Tjitrowirjo has been invited to take part inthe XXI Triennale exhibtion “alamak!” presented for the first time in Milan. AlvinT will introduce new designs specially created for: Design in Asia “The contemporary aesthetics of Asian design”.

From the 2nd April and until the 12th of September 2016, the exhibition curated by Yoichi Nakamuta and Tim Power featuring designers and artists selected from 10 Asian countries will be held at the Triennale di Milano housed in the prestigiousPalazzo dell’Arte.

Strongly linked to indonesian resources, customs, habits and heritage, alvinT pushes the boundaries of the indonesian aesthetics and offers elegant, original piece that can with stand time and trends.

Angan, one of the pieces showed during ‘Alamak’ introduces this tension between traditional and modern, between traditional archetype and a new design language. The suspended shelf is made out of natural rattan poles forms a cage-like silhouette bound to uncoated brass shelves fixed with leather. The whole shelf is suspended by using rope and a hook. Positioning objects within the shelf will distort the balance of the shelf, expressing the volatile and imperfect nature of the situation.

"Angan" in Indonesian means daydream. Currently, a state of mind many indonesian artists are in during the development of their culture.

Alvin explains, “I want to revolutionise Indonesia’s creative industry and place Indonesia in the world design map. I’m deeply inspired by the authentic traditional Indonesian culture but I always want to add a modern contemporary twist which gives to my designs a unique mixture of modern and traditional approach.’’

The second piece Lumping rocking horse is derived from a traditional Javanese dance which alvinT transformedia modern playful outdoor furniture drawing a light and dynamic silhouette. The graphical woven texture of the body made out of rattan injects a dose of local flair, providing a nice contrast to its solid black or white aluminium frame.

Exhibition detail:
XXI Triennale International Exhibition Milan 2016 - 21st Century. Design After Design,
2 April - 12 September 12
Open Tuesday – Sunday 10.30 AM – 8.30 PM

Press contact:
Hirondelle Communication // Veronique Cellier

+ 33 6 83 82 35 56

Viale Alemagna  6, 20121 Milano, Italia, T. +39 02 724341

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27 October 2015
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Indonesia, as this year's guest of honor presents a sleek and modern pavilion with the theme of 10,000 Islands of Imagination at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. 

The pavilion, that covers an area of 2500m2 Filled with hanging lantern and framing the main pavilion. During this ocassion Indonesia wants to represent the pavilion as an integrated concept in both its content as well as in its environment. 

There are seven island to explore from the installation, there are: Island of Words, Island of Scene, Island of Images, island of Spices, Island of Illumination, Island of Tales, Island of Inquiry. Each of these islands has its own charm and stories to tell.

Take a Glance

AlvinT products were chosen to compliment the environment with its Linger benches, Satool modular stools, Round table Benches and Brace lamps.  

Frankfurt book fair opens from 14-18 October 2015 

Indonesia pavilion is located in hall F.01 in Frankfurt Messe  


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