7 July 2014

House of Tomorrow (Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 Art Installation) This installation is a repercussion of visions between four young Indonesian designers, Alvin Tjitrowirjo, Ardistia Dwiasri, Auguste Soesastro and Stella Rissa. A melange of expertise and knowledge but directed with the same breath, to share our passion, inspire our audience and also to educate the market. The art installation is designed to entirely use local materials, rattan and sungkai wood and it was also bound not to look anything like that visually per se represents Indonesia. 

The designer's passion is to create a contemporary Indonesian look, and that's the same whiff of what the installation should represent. The installation is made out of rattan poles and a connector that's made out of sungkai wood, all this then assembled together to create a self-supporting structure. Relating to the ever-going process of design and development in the design world, the final shape of the structure itself is left to look organically unfinished.