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COLETTE & LOLA Grand Indonesia

February 2015

Alvin Tjitrowirjo of Design firm AlvinT Studio completed its third shop of popular
cake shop brand Colette & Lola owned by Jakarta’s Food & Beverage Group,
Ismaya. The Cake shop is located in one of Jakarta’s most popular shopping
mall, Grand Indonesia.

Design concept background:

Colette and Lola tells the story of two french sisters who are so much alike yet so
different. Under the direction of AlvinT Studio, Colette & Lola, with its european-
inspired patisserie developed a unique character that blends modern approach
towards Indonesian design that most can be seen in the furniture that uses rattan
and teak with a dash of European flair.

The Client’s brief was to seek a balance between playfulness without
looking too childish.

The design cues of the interior conveys a balance between a maturing teenager
with the hidden feeling of wanting to stay young. A desire that all teenagers
obtain at present day. All of this is coloured in typical Colette & Lola’s teal and
pinkish-peach shades.

The space is divided into three different spaces. The heart of the space is the
cake counter that’s covered in oak with petal-like bespoke pendants. The cake
counter is sitting on top of geometric marble floor with blue gaps.

Next to the display counter is the lounge area consists of seating area where the
bespoke metal arm chair were designed specifically for this project. This side of
the space is surrounded by the bold white wall with blue chevron patterns. While
on the other side of the counter display is the terrace that faces a courtyard
inside the mall.

Concluding the space at the back is a dining area with a communal bench and
bespoke pendants at the centre sitting perpendicular against the decorated
perforated wall and the scale-shape cast plaster ceiling that belongs to all Colette
& Lola shops.