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The AlvinT Editions feature stand-alone pieces that are the epitome of alvinTs idealism, representing the breath of what modern contemporary Indonesian design should be. The products are produced in small quantities and individually handmade through an intensive production process that maximizes the use of high quality local materials.


The AlvinT line forms the bulk of the brand's collection. The designs featured in the line display a sense of playfulness through its organic shapes, and is visually striking while simultaneously retaining its functionality. The AlvinT products boast iconic designs yet are pieces of practical everyday furniture.


The Everyday by AlvinT line acts as the entry level to alvinT furniture products. The line is aimed at individuals yearning for locally made, well designed and superbly crafted products set at a reasonable price range. The designs in this line are simple and might be more straightforward, yet as with all of our products, they are still produced with the highest production standards.